5 ways to save money on ski and snowboard gear

by connordavis | July 18, 2014


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1. Stick to the necessities

That old neck-warmer you’ve been burying your face in since the 90’s has collected way too much snot, those musty mittens’ insulation is no longer insulating, and those scratches on your goggle lens aren’t going to magically disappear. Replacing these smaller and cheaper items is where your money should be spent every season, not on expensive new skis, boards, and boots. Get new neck warmers, new mittens, and new goggle lenses (not to be confused with new goggles) instead of spending thousands on unnecessary replacements.

2. Lower your standards

Spending $1000 on a jacket has never been a good idea, and it probably never will be despite rising gear prices. That’s a whole lot of lift ticket and travel money you just wasted on something intended for battling the conditions of Everest. Ebay of course has plenty of brand new and used ski/snowboard equipment for dirt cheap, and also check out for massive discounts on name brands.

3. Think versatile

Ski and snowboard clothes don’t need to be used for just skiing and snowboarding. Next time you buy something for the slopes, ask yourself if it could work in a camping, hiking, biking, or even casual setting. Keep versatility in mind.

4. Get it over with

The best time to buy ski and snowboard gear is unfortunately when you don’t need it at all. While it may seem ideal to stock up right before the season starts, summer is the absolute best time for huge deals. Don’t burden yourself by waiting for next year’s gear to come out, because last year’s leftovers are waiting with seriously low pricetags.

5. Take care of it

Taking care of the gear you already own is the absolute best way to save money. There are many ways to do this, but here are a few to get you started:

-Wipe excess snow and water off your skis/board after usage
-Wipe excess snow and water off goggle lenses every time they’re used
-Dry out boot liners after slushy days to avoid mold and raunchy smells
-Always keep ski boots buckled when not in use to maintain form
-Hang jackets and pants instead of packing them away to maintain form, especially with down jackets
-Keep a thick coat of wax on skis/boards all summer long to prevent them from drying out

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