Colorado’s Loveland Ski Area to Open Friday–Why Go?

by Greg Colquitt | October 20, 2017

Second is the best?

This year’s annual dash to open in Colorado crowned Arapahoe Basin as its victor, but in a close second the Queen of the Continental Divide and ABasin’s close neighbor Loveland Ski Area, has now come rushing in. Why go?


Why you should put Loveland on your map.

Okay the mountain is open we can start talking freely and openly about our feelings. Do you feel like having a good time? Great. Are you over the ritzy frills and prices of a village and the overall resort experience? Roger that. Do you love buying day-old cookies in an outdated cafeteria that you can eat on an also rather outdated chair lift? Wonderful!
In case it wasn’t brutally obvious, Loveland fits the bill for all of these. With over 1,800acres along the Continental Divide you’re bound to find some goods. Because of its altitude, the hill is also well known to get some of the most snow in Colorado and it’s one of the closest hills to Denver. Perfect.
Also Meier skis made a pair of Loveland Skis. That’s rad. They look like this.
So buy some and then head up and hop on the free snowcat that runs along the Continental Divide. Over there they call that The Ridge Cat. It won’t start until a little later in the year, but when it does it’s free. Did we mention that?

If you’re in the area (or want to be), keep your eyes and ears close to the ground for deals!

Very often deals will pop up advertising discounted lift tickets for the opening day. Sometimes even the local radio stations will be planted at the base area handing out FREE lift passes, which is exactly what happened last year. Be sure to snag these deals when they pop up because they DO pop up. Heck, lift tickets are only $61 right now for early season.

Get on your horse and be sure to check back here for more deals and ideas!


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