Five Reasons Why You Should Ski Big Sky This Season

by Greg Colquitt | December 13, 2019


Big Sky is rad and here’s why.

1. It’s Huge

Gettin’ pitted in Big Sky cold smoke

Let’s start this lift off with some stats:

  • 5,850+ acres of skiable terrain
  • 4,350 of vertical feet
  • 4 mountains
  • 36 chair lifts
  • 400+ runs
  • 1 big ass smile

In 2013, Big Sky purchased adjacent Moonlight Basin and brought its terrain under one roof. Now you have access to two full resorts under one pass. And that’s pretty neat.


2. Incredible Terrain (and views)

As mentioned above, this place is huge, but size isn’t everything, right? Debatable. One thing size does do, however, is hint at the amount of options that are available. If you’re not a pro skier (or you are), you’ll be able to easily find a run that will make you smile. There are plenty of winding groomed runs that, on a clear day, will give you incredible views of the Spanish Peaks and parts of Yellowstone National Park in the distance. Then, if you’re up for something very opposite of that, head to the Headwaters in Moonlight or the A-Z Chutes off the tram. You can find stuff there like local Big Sky legend Chris Rennau does in the video below. Sweet. Ness.


3. Zero Lift Lines

Being a resort that seems pretty popular, you would think everyone would flock to Big Sky for all the good. Well, you’re not wrong, they do, but here’s the key: they’re spread wayyyy out. That whole big thing we’re hammering on makes a big difference in your ski day. The people are spread out and they have ski lifts like the Ramcharger 8 that seats 8 people, comes complete with a cool blue bubble, and zips you up the top of Andesite Mountain in record time. All this goes to say, your legs will be burning from skiing laps, not from standing in line.


4. Easy Access

Getting to and around Big Sky is a breeze. If you’re flying, the Bozeman airport is just under an hour away and has an airport that keeps adding direct flights by the second. From Bozeman, to get to Big Sky there are a couple options:

  1. Rent a car. This is the most efficient option and will allow you to head up to Big Sky directly from the airport.
  2. Take the bus. You will have to get a ride into town from the airport, but there is an inexpensive bus that runs 7 days a week between Bozeman and Big Sky. You can find a detailed schedule about the bus here.

Then, once you’re in Big Sky, you can kick back and relax. The town has a free bus route that can get you just about anywhere you need to go in the area–unless, of course, you want to take advantage of Montana’s geothermal wonders and dip your toes in one of the many hot springs in the area. You might need a different ride for that.

5. The SNOW

Finally, there wouldn’t be any point to this without the fluffy stuff. Thankfully, Big Sky gets a fair share of it–400″ on average every year. Also, Big Sky has the most consistent snowfall in the Northern Rockies. History doesn’t lie. The records show that Big Sky has the lowest deviation in snowfall year after year. In other words, you can make a pretty good prediction that whenever you decide to go, the snow is probably going to be great. Not to mention that when a mountain is as big as Big Sky is, the snow stays good for a very long time. If you know where to go, you can always find a fresh stash. A conversation with a local can go a long way.



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