How to Avoid Decay As an Early Season Injured Skier

by Greg Colquitt | January 11, 2018

“That day was epic!” shout all your roommates as they pile in the door.

Great. You’ve been inside watching the snow fall, eating three day old scones, and watching Harry Potter hoping that potion that heals Harry’s broken arm will become a reality and heal the ankle you snapped on opening day. That day is coming but until then, here’s a couple ideas.


1. Meet your friends for après in full ski garb.

Yeah you’re on crutches but skiing is a lifestyle you can’t break. Just because you didn’t ski that day doesn’t mean you haven’t skied the hill at one point in the past couple years. That’s plenty of clout to strike up a conversation with the person next to you.


2. Read the snow report so it seems like you were getting pitted but actually you’ve been watching the Office for the past 5 hours.

No one needs to know what you’ve been doing. Right now you’re a skier drinking beers in gear and talking shop. Just stay in your circle and when things get dicey in conversation, resort back to “The snow today was legendary.”


3. Reroute your friends away from the hill to a natural hot spring.

Skiing is cool, but do you even hot spring, bro? Be the first ones there and set the rules. It’s now a naked hot spring. You’re injured. If anyone complains, flash your–er–ankle.


4. Get a new hobby. Like pottery.

At least your hands work. Use them.


5. Buy a box of Tim Tams every week and eat them.

Tim Tams are the greatest cookie ever made and if you don’t like them you deserved to be injured.


Unashamedly promoting Tim Tams


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