Last Minute Stocking Stuffers for Skiers and Snowboarders

by Dan Giesin | December 21, 2022

The holiday gift-giving season is upon us, but you’re at a loss on what to give your favorite skier and/or snowboarder that won’t break the bank.

Well, we here at have a few suggestions that will surely please the snow-sport enthusiast in your social or familial circle, and won’t put a huge strain on your finances, either.

Platypus soft bottle

Hydration is a key to ensuring a pleasant day on the hill, and the compact Platypus soft bottle is handy solution for easy hydration. The lightweight container holds 1 liter of fluid, has an hourglass shape that makes it easy to hold and is taste- and PABA-free.

Doppio mug

A great way to start the day is a cup of joe, and this double-walled, stainless steel compact (2.8 inches wide by 3.9 inches tall) mug by GSI Outdoors will keep your coffee piping hot without burning your hands. It also keeps cold drinks cold without forming condensation on the outside.

FIEESWARM boot dryer

Getting your ski or snowboard boots moisture free after a day on the hill is essential, and the FIEESWARM portable boot dryer does the trick. The USB-powered unit has a filtering net for purification that helps eliminate unpleasant smells; it also works on socks and gloves.

Waterproof touchscreen gloves

Answering your phone or checking messages generally requires you to remove at least one of your gloves, which is fraught on a nasty winter day. Yosunping eliminates that hassle by coating the thumb and index finger of its waterproof ski gloves with silicone, allowing you to operate your phone without baring you hands to the elements.

Adventure Mat

Changing out of your ski or snowboard boots in a muddy or ice-covered parking lot sometimes leads to unfortunate incidents. But the Adventure Mat, a compact, foldable, waterproof rubber mat, eliminates the need for the “parking lot hop” as you shed your boots. The folding design guarantees the “clean” upper side never touches the “dirty” bottom side.

FireCel+ handwarmer

Nothing worse than a pair of cold mitts, but Celestron Elements can help assuage that condition with its portable handwarmer that fits nicely into your gloves. The FireCel+ can be recharged — for up to 7 hours use — in your car’s USB port on the way to hill; it also can recharge your phone while you are skiing. 

Ass Gasket

Ever get a cold bum riding the lift on snowy day? It ain’t pleasant. The Ass Gasket, a low-profile, super-soft butt protector, will insulate your bottom no matter where you set. The easily removable item looks a bit like a pair of thin foam shorts and fits comfortably between your ski pants and long underwear.

Evo Trail Snowshoes

MSR produces a wide range of snowshoes for all matter of terrain, conditions and pocketbooks.The EVO Trail Snowshoes are an economical, mid-range choice for post-ski stroll through the woods (they work best on firm or packed snow).

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