The Snowiest Resorts in America

by Kirsten Dobroth | December 9, 2015

When it comes to the snowiest resorts in America, data shows that the West is best. While promising a specific amount of winter precipitation is wishful thinking, Ullr has been historically good to the following resorts.
(I should note that while independently verifying the average snowfall totals of the following resorts, there was often discrepancy between sources. This list uses the consensus of most references, along with verification, when available, from individual resort sites.)
1) Mt. Baker, Washington
Mt. Baker unofficially claims the highest annual snowfall total of any resort in the world, at 641 inches, while also claiming the snowiest season at any resort in the world, at 1,140 inches in 1998-99. Seriously? Seriously. While it’s hard to guarantee anything, I’d take my chances on a trip to northwestern Washington any day.
Mount Baker
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2) Alyeska Resort, Alaska
Coming in a close second, Alyeska Resort is the next best place to find the most snow. I’ll emphasize the “close” part of it’s second place finish,  as the resort’s top section claims to average 650 inches, while accumulating 512 inches at mid mountain.


Photo Credit: Alyeska Ski Resort, AK

3) Alta Ski Resort, Utah
While there was a bit of jostling in the position for third, most of my sources point to Alta as the American resort tallying the next highest average annual snowfall at 520 inches. This was a tough one, as several sites gave the distinction to Kirkwood, but I couldn’t verify the authenticity of the claim as Kirkwood’s website lists their own snow average as being more in the mid 300 inch range. This ranking surely won’t do much for snowboarders, as Alta remains one of the few resorts left in the country that still doesn’t allow the single planking other half on their mountain. But, hey, I guess it’s better that no snowboarders are there to “scrape it all off” before you get to it…

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4) California, Wyoming, and Utah
Alright, I know it may seem a little ambiguous, but I figured lumping a small, yet elite, group into the 500″ Club would do justice to all the resorts that claim membership. Kirkwood (again, listed as such by several references, although listed at a lower total on it’s own site) and Sugar Bowl both have average snowfalls of 500 inches in California, while Brighton, Powder Mountain, Solitude, and Snowbird boast similar numbers in Utah. Wyoming’s Grand Targhee Resort, located west of Jackson Hole and nearly on the border with Idaho, also lists 500 inches of snow as it’s annual total.
5) Crystal Mountain Resort, Washington
Rounding out the list of American snowfall with most average annual snowfall is another representative of the Pacific Northwest. Crystal Mountain Resort claims 486 inches of annual snow, just eeking out a myriad of other candidates that fall closer into the 460 inch range.
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