The Powder Party is in Nelson, British Columbia

by Greg Colquitt | November 3, 2017

Someone said it was the Amsterdam of North America.

Another, Canada’s “pot capital”. We’ll call it a little slice of heaven.
The town of Nelson is a living postcard and also a bit of an homage to the not-so-distant era of draft dodgers, hippies, and a booming underground marijuana trade. That marijuana industry has since risen to the above-ground and happens to be still booming. In a town of 10,000 there are 8 dispensaries. Someone has to find something to do with all of that. Can’t imagine what.
Lately Nelson has become a haven for many urban dwellers burned out or unable to make ends meet in high-priced cities like Vancouver over 400 miles away. Here, if you’re getting stressed you take a ride (or smoke) break.
And yet, while the influx of urbanites continues to change the economic and cultural landscape, the town still holds on to what’s important–mountain biking, soaking in natural hot springs, having a damn good time, and of course, skiing.

The Skiing

Nelson is just quick-shot 30 minute drive from one of Canada’s most legendary ski resorts–Whitewater Ski Resort. Below we have spelled several reason’s (some visual) why you need to include this on your powder bucket list, but first watch this short film.

. . .

Whitewater Ski Resort from Keith White Audio on Vimeo.

. . .

Then you can look at this.

That is a skier hucking a monster of rock.

Even if he eats it, the impossibly deep snow will save his life.

The only thing on his dinner plate was a pile of blower pow.

. . .

. . .

Then consider that the average snowfall is 40ft

Which, if you think about, is pretty tall.

Powder Magazine even called it “one of the best powder mountains on the continent”

Which is like the King of Water calling the Pacific Ocean the wettest ocean on Earth.

Also this if you’re American: 1 CAD = 0.78 USD

In other words, $20 of beer is $15.61

Lift ticket? CAD $83.50. . .USD $65.19

We’re no scientists, but that’s a good deal.

Looking for good deals is exhausting work.

That’s why we do it for you.

When you get back from Nelson, having stayed in a rad hostel downtown and after hitting up Mike’s Place Pub to take advantage of that exchange rate, check back to see what else we can hook you up with.

We get paid to do this.

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