The Top Five Snow Totals This Season

by Kirsten Dobroth | March 30, 2017

Can you believe it’s April already? Closing days are starting to be the next big thing on a number of resorts’ event calendars (although there’s a handful of spots that push their luck way into the spring and summer), and what a season it’s been, with resorts on the West Coast (ahem, California) seeing record breaking years. Winter Storm Stella left a fresh, powdery coating on resorts around the Northeast, and if you live in Colorado, it’s been warm, sunny, and raining (not exactly a winning combination, but we’ll take it) for most of the spring, with some resorts, like Telluride, seeing a blast of winter accumulation. So who had the most snow this season? Seeing as the season isn’t over yet, nothing is definite, but these resorts have racked up the top five snow totals this season through March.

1. Mt. Baker, Washington: 784 inches

Mt. Baker’s no stranger to the top of the list when it comes to annual snowfall totals; the Washington state resort typically accumulates the most snow of any resort in the world — now those are some bragging rights.

2. Sugar Bowl, California: 714 inches

California’s family owned Sugar Bowl sits atop Donner Summit, which has been getting hammered with snow all season long. If the season thus far is any indication of what late spring will look like, we wouldn’t be surprised to see Sugar Bowl hit with another few storms before they close shop for the winter.

3. Mt. Rose, Nevada: 700 inches

At press time it was still snowing at Nevada’s Mt. Rose, adding to the 700 inches the ski area has accumulated and the 213 inch base at the resort.

4. Boreal Mountain, California: 672 inches

Another Tahoe area seeing a massive amount of snow this season, Boreal Mountain makes it into the top five snow totals in the country with 672 inches so far this season. While we’re all about the slush laps for Spring skiing, we’re pretty sure powder turns will be plentiful well into April.

5. Squaw Valley, California: 654 inches

Squaw Valley’s iconic terrain has been coated all season, with the California resort tallying 654 inches so far this season. And yes, it’s currently snowing there right now.
Photo Courtesy of Vail Resorts.

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