Tips For Getting Discount Lift Tickets

by Brandon Quinn | November 25, 2014

Tips for Finding Discount Lift Tickets
1) Book lift tickets online in-advance to get the best deals: Don’t show up at the ticket window unless you’re expecting  to pay full price.
2) Be a weekday warrior: If it is an option, ski during the week when you’ll find better deals, less crowds and more untracked powder.
3) Claim a “sick day” and get paid to ski / snowboard.
4) Explore new ski resorts that have less hype but still excellent terrain.
5) The more days you ski the bigger discounts you can get. Resorts are willing to provide a deeper discount when you buy multi-day tickets.
Tips for Booking Ski Deals for a Complete Ski Vacation:
1) Book a private vacation rental. Often times, you can negotiate with the owner.
2) Resorts often couple lift ticket deals with lodging. Ski Free Stay Free deals.
3) Use credit card points to book airfare/lodging.
4) Avoid peak seasons and save money while enjoying the whole mountain to yourself.
5) If you fly, rent gear and couple it with your lift ticket to save money. You’ll save on the baggage fees and get to demo the latest gear.

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