VOTE: X-Games Real Snow Competition

by Greg Colquitt | March 22, 2018

After Aspen, there’s the Internet.

And a snowboarder’s home turf.

For the eighth year running, the X-Games has turned to its Internet audience to crown even more medalists.  This time instead of competing side by side on the same terrain, competitors take to their home streets to film the best videos they can, stacking rail grinds, tail grabs over bridges, and drops into dams back to back to back.
This year, the competition continues to intensify with new tricks and flips from Quebec to Park City, featuring snowboarders who have appeared in the likes of Snowboard Magazine, TransWorld Magazine, and the Dew Tour.

There isn’t much time left to vote!

The voting wraps up Sunday March 25.
Below you’ll find a mash-up of all the riders sandwiched in one video, but follow the link to watch each rider and vote on which one you think deserves X-Games gold.
To watch each rider’s video and vote, click here!

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