We Love Big Dumps!

by Greg Colquitt | January 25, 2018

Who’s gotten the biggest dumps this year?

As previously mentioned we really like big dumps. I mean like the kind you can’t even get yourself dug out of kind of big. Remember Tahoe last year? Well, we haven’t seen any atmospheric river quite to those proportions yet this year. In fact, Tahoe is struggling hard but isn’t alone–Utah and Colorado are both stressed for snow this year.
Things are, however, looking up for Utah. Snowbird and Alta are leading the Cottonwood pack with not-so-impressive snow totals but the state does have the best snow in America even when it doesn’t arrive precisely when we want it. I would bet on the snow totals to start piling on from here until the end. If you want the real goods, though, you’re going to need to head north.
British Columbia (and Alaska), of course, is way ahead of the curve and continues to prove itself as the mecca of quality consistent snowfall.  If you love powder then you need to get to BC.
We love powder so much that we put together this handy chart of our favorite resorts that are doing well for themselves. Click the resorts to purchase discount lift tickets and for more information.

Resort State Snowfall To Date Last 7 Days Biggest Dump Base Depth Powder Next 5 Days?
Alyeska Alaska 301″ 19″ 18″ 112″ 6″
Whistler Blackcomb British Columbia 299″ 63″ 24″ 117″ 48″
Fernie British Columbia 261″ 40″ 20″ 103″ 4″
Kicking Horse British Columbia 254″ 34″ 20″ 71″ 5″
Jackson Hole Wyoming 243″ 22″ 16″ 82″ 19″
Snowbird Utah 147″ 24″ 13″ 63″ 6″
Alta Utah 133″ 21″ 15″ 63″ 6″
All data provided by SnoCountry and OpenSnow


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