Feast on Snow This Thanksgiving

by Dan Giesin | November 20, 2018

First the good news: Winter has been making inroads throughout much of North America recently, with multiple snow storms pummeling the Rockies of the United States and Canada in October and the mountains of New England in early November and another round of storms expected to hit the Western U.S. through Thanksgiving weekend.
Now the better news: Winter’s early arrival has allowed more than 50 ski resorts to open already, and more are expected to get their lift son line by the end of the Turkey Day holiday.
Granted much of this skiing and snowboarding is being done under somewhat to very limited snow and terrain conditions; we’re counting base depths in inches rather than feet in most places. But, hey, it’s better than staying home and gnawing on a day-old turkey drumstick and watching football.
So, if you’re ready to work up an appetite for Thursday’s feast — or work off all those giblets-and-gravy and pumpkin pie calories — here’s a rundown of who is expected to be spinning their lifts this holiday weekend.


New England



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