How Good at Skiing Are You Really? Take Our Test to Find Out.

by Greg Colquitt | September 27, 2019


“You see that misty flip 540 I just sent over that kicker out of the woods?”

If you didn’t understand a single word in that last sentence beyond “that”, don’t worry–you won’t have to cancel your ski trip. But then again, if you didn’t, how good are you, really?

Let’s Get Real

With the ski season coming up (unless you’re in Southern Alberta where it’s already happening), now is the time to start assessing your awe-inspiring ski skills for real. When you show up to the resort, do you shoulder your skis like an infantry rifle or rest them on the top of your shoulder like you’re carrying a canoe-length 2x4 daring anyone at eye level in your 10ft death circle to come near? Once you’re on the hill, can you hang with the steeps at Colorado’s Arapaho Basin or do you want to get lost in the open faucet powder at Alta in Utah?

Though you won’t really be able to tell what’s up until you dig your boots into bindings, you can at least ask yourself some very important questions AND enter yourself into a drawing to win $100 worth of lift ticket credits? What’s better than that? Take the poll, win some days on mountain, and maybe, just maybe, you can make your momma proud.


We just want to know: What motivates you to ski?

Take a poll to win $100 in lift ticket credits

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