Your Spring Skiing Checklist

by Greg Colquitt | March 24, 2022

Sprang is Sprangin’

For much of the country, Spring skiing has been the norm for a good chunk of time. The sun has been shining, the snow melting, and the guns a-blazin’ (biceps, that is). If, however, you haven’t been flexing your spring muscles, there are some pointers to keep in mind before shushing the spring slush.

1. Prepare for solar battle

Winter is a time for covering exposed skin. When skin is covered, it gets very unused to sun exposure. The sun, unlike your skin, can just free itself whenever it damn well pleases. Your skin on the other hand–maybe not. Instead of blasting your skin with UV rays when you sport your freshest Hawaiian shirt on the slopes, just lather up! Sunscreen. Lots of sunscreen.

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2. Timing is everything

In the spring, the nights are cold and freeze the snow, but the days are warm and melt it. What does that do to the ski conditions, you ask? It makes it variable. In the morning, expect firm, potentially icy conditions that will be fast and a bit unforgiving. Throughout the day, though, as the sun casts its rays on the slopes, the snow will slightly melt and, thus, soften. By the end of the day, you could very well be pushing around slushy snow with the consistency of a sno-cone. The good news is–you can just pick which one you like best and head out when you don’t like it anymore! Choose your adventure, friends.

3. Prepare for the surf

As mentioned above, if you wait until later in the day, or if its a particularly warm day, prepare for that delectable sno-cone consistency slush. It’s heavy and it’s mushy, but if you know how to work it, skiing and riding slush can be one helluva good time. It’s not so dissimilar to riding powder–if you fight it or lean too far back, your legs will scream and you’ll have a rough time; if, however, you go with the flow and ride the wave, you’ll have the time of your life. Just be prepared to get a little wet.

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4. Don’t forget the beers!

Spring skiing is a party. This is the time to take a couple runs and sit in the parking lot with an ice cold brewski with some friends and soak up the sun. Forget about getting vert, it’s time to have a beer!

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