A Toast to Our Favorite Jam Session — Apres Ski

by Dan Giesin | March 29, 2022

Apres ski.

Are there two more collegial words in the French-English lexicon?

Just the very notion of the phrase — particularly in the spring — conjures up an idyllic state of relaxing after a enjoyable day on the slopes by lazing in the afternoon in the sun, kicking back with a tall, cool one and watching the passing show.

It is the perhaps the most democratic of all skiing or snowboarding activities because no matter what your preference or prowess on the hill is — whether it’s bashing the bumps, playing in the park, ripping the off-piste, slaying the pow or cruising the groomers — everyone can be on equal terms once the lifts close.

And it’s so easy to do, too: Simply click out of your skis or board, wander over to a comfortable perch on the lodge deck, switch out goggles for sunglasses, order a drink of preference and then veg out for a bit.

Or for as long as you like.

Of course, the real essence of apres ski is the social aspect.

This is the time where old friends and newly acquired acquaintances — and even the random stranger — can gather to rehash the day’s adventures on the hill, whether real or imagined. And during these (hopefully) post-pandemic days, when most if not all restrictions on social gatherings have been lifted, it is especially welcoming to shoot the breeze with anyone and everyone who might wander by and take a seat.

So no matter where you might find yourself after a hard day on the hill, whether it’s at the Chamois at Palisades Tahoe, or the Yodeler at Mammoth, or the Warm Springs Lodge terrace at Sun Valley, or the Snorting Elk at Crystal Mountain, or Grizzly’s at Stratton or The Bavarian at Taos, or Gorrono Ranch at Telluride, or even Mooserwirt in St. Anton, lift a glass of your favorite local brew and toast the end of a perfect day.

You most likely deserve it.


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