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Skiing in Germany

In a country celebrated for its technological prowess, one standout achievement is the Zugspitze aerial tram, transporting skiers and snowboarders to Germany’s highest peak. Completed in 2017, this cable car set multiple world records, including the longest unsupported stretch between towers (3,200 meters or 1.99 miles), the tallest aerial tram support tower (127 meters or 416.67 feet), the highest elevation gain in one section (2,000 meters or 6,562 feet), and the longest distance traveled in one section (4,500 meters or 2.8 miles).

While the 9,718-foot Zugspitze summit is a popular destination for summer visitors, it also offers skiing on glacier snowfields at the Zugspitze resort. Beyond this, the German Alps offer numerous ‘wow’ factors, including the charming village of Berchtesgaden, top-rated facilities at Steinplatte-Winklmoosalm, and the historic Garmisch Partenkirchen complex, the largest resort in the country.

Despite being somewhat overshadowed by its Alpine neighbors to the south, German ski resorts maintain their small-town charm and avoid the overdevelopment seen elsewhere. Start your German winter adventure today by exploring lift ticket prices, ski pass deals, equipment rental, lodging options, ski tickets, and lift pass options at